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  Updated: 25-May-2024

25th anniversary of the Rotterdam Study

 Wed 28-Oct-2015

Large-scale ERGO Study at the highest scientific level for 25 years

Is healthy aging possible? This was the question with which Erasmus MC epidemiologists started the large-scale ERGO Study (Erasmus Rotterdam Health Study) 25 years ago. Thanks to the participation of more than 15,000 residents of the Ommoord district of Rotterdam the population study now has reason to celebrate. Erasmus MC will be celebrating this milestone with the participants of the study at a festive conference on Saturday 31 October in the World Trade Center (WTC) in Rotterdam.

The Rotterdam Study is known locally as “ERGO” and its outcomes are closely monitored. More than 175 researchers since 1990 have received their PhD based on the results of the study and they published more than 1250 scientific articles in leading international journals.

Global Population
Professor Bert Hofman, founder of the ERGO Study: "In these 25 years, 15,000 residents of the Ommoord district of Rotterdam have contributed to medical science. Getting the participants to have their health checked once every four years enables us to study health problems common in old age. This improves our understanding of the development and progression of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, brain diseases, and eye diseases. ERGO and the participants have in this way made an important contribution to the health of the global population. I am extremely grateful to the participants and researchers for this."

During the conference, researchers will present the results achieved by the Rotterdam Study. What are the main results? How will these results benefit the participants? And how can we use these results for future generations? The latest developments regarding strokes, dementia, and the age-related eye disease macular degeneration will also be discussed. Furthermore, the anniversary magazine will be presented. This magazine gives an overview of all the research areas within ERGO, and researchers and participants share their experiences.

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