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  Updated: 25-May-2024

Hofman is hot

 Fri 24-Feb-2012

Erasmus MC's Albert Hofman one of the Hottest Researchers. Albert Hofman, head of Epidemiology at Erasmus MC is one of the 15 Hottest Researchers worldwide. This reports Thomson Reuters in its Hottest Research of 2011, a ranking of the most influential scientific researchers and research papers of the year.

Hot Papers
Epidemiologist Hofman joins the world ranking of 15 by virtue of 11 Hot Papers on place 7. His highly cited articles include genome-wide association studies on hypertension, Alzheimer's, and vitamin D deficiency, along with studies on causes of Parkinson'sdisease and diabetes. The Dutchman has been the most cited scientist of the Netherlands for many years already.

Listed in the adjoining table are the researchers who, according to citations tracked during 2011, recorded the highest numbers of Hot Papers published over the preceding two years. Also listed are the papers published during 2011 that were most cited by year's end.

Key areas
This year's group of 15 Hottest Researchers each contributed to at least 10 Hot Papers, covering key areas in all fields of research such as genetics, cardiology, epidemiology, materials sciences and plants biology.

The year's Hottest Researchers were identified using citations that occurred during calendar year 2011 for papers published between 2009 and 2011. The list of Hottest Papers tracks total citations to original papers during calendar year 2011.

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