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  Updated: 26-Jun-2024

1st prize of the young investigator award at the ESC

 Mon 02-Sep-2013

On September 2, 2013 Maarten Leening won the 1st prize of the young investigator award at the ESC (European Society of Cardiology) 2013 meeting for his presentation about the healthy volunteer effect in the Rotterdam Study.

Winning this award is a great achievement, required a great deal of preparation and hard work. On Sunday Maarten also won the best poster at the moderated session he participated, poster he prepared together with Theun Hoeven.
Double congratulations Maarten!

Overall, at the ESC meeting this year there has been a very successful representation of the CVD Epi group and the department of Epidemiology, also including great performances by Eduardo Moreira , Abbas Dehghan, Maryam Kavousi and Mariana Selwaness. Congratulations to the whole team and the great teamwork!

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