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Eric Neeleman



Eric Neeleman

Phone+31 (0)10 70 43477

Biographical Sketch

Educational background. Eric Neeleman (1958) graduated as a teacher in 1983. He worked as a substitute teacher for some time. During this time Eric developed an strong interest in Information Technology.

Information Technology. In 1986 Eric graduated from the Dutch School for computer science (NOVI) as "System Controller for small IT systems". Later he certified for several additional AMBI-Modules.

Coordinator. Eric first started working in IT as coordinator of the Support Centre for Education and Information Technology responsible for the region Rotterdam and Drechtsteden. The support centre was an initiative of the Ministry of Education. The project was aimed at promoting the use of Information Technology in education.
At the same time he was CEO and co-owner of a small IT-training company called Venev. During this time he developed trainingmaterial and a special tool to monitor children’s progress at school. This tool was later sold to a commercial party.

Delft University of Technology. In 1988 Eric was asked to come and work for the computer centre of the Delft University of Technology as a System Analyst / Programmer.

Scientific programmer. In 1990 he joined the ICT-team of the Department of Epidemiology of the Erasmus University as a scientific programmer for the Rotterdam Study. He was also responsible for the IT-solutions of several European studies.

Manager IT. In 1996 he became Manager IT. His team develops and manages it-solutions for the collection and management of data in big population studies. The team is also responsible for managing the IT-infrastructure and user support.

In 1998 Eric certified as Manager IT at the NOVI-institute.

Generation-R. During 2004/2005 he was interim IT-manager for the Generation-R study.

Interests. His main interests are large research-databases and internet-technology.

Eric is the father of two beautiful daughters.

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