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Koos Lubbe, M.Sc.



Koos Lubbe, M.Sc.

Phone+31 (0)10 70 38484 or +31 (0)10 70 38485

Biographical Sketch

Koos Lubbe (1953) received his M.Sc. degree in mathematics from the University of Leiden in 1978.

In 1977 he joined the Department of Public Health of the Erasmus University as scientific programmer/researcher within the research field "Evaluation of early detection of (cancer) screening".

Since 1988 he is involved in the management of that department. After that he is involved in the management of other departments within the Health Sciences of Erasmus University.

From 2003-2011 he worked as manager for the cluster Health Sciences of Erasmus MC. Since 2011 he has been working as Managing Director of Erasmus MC/Health Sciences.

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