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Jeremy Labrecque



Jeremy Labrecque

Phone+31 (0)10 70 43791

Biographical Sketch

POSITION TITLE: Postdoctoral Research Fellow



Institution and location       Degree    Completion Date     Field of Study
McGill University, Montreal, Canada       BSc    2003     Environmental science
McGill University, Montreal, Canada       MSc    2013     Epidemiology
McGill University, Montreal, Canada       PhD    2017     Epidemiology

Personal Statement

I am a postdoctoral research fellow in the Causal Inference group in the department of Epidemiology, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The focus of my current work is using the principles of causal inference to improve or better understand genetic epidemiology with a focus on Mendelian randomization. More specifically, I study how the interpretation and validity of Mendelian randomization studies can change when the exposures under study are time-varying in nature. Beyond this, I am also interested in using causal inference in social epidemiology research building on work I performed during my doctoral thesis.

Positions and Honors

Positions and employment

2017-: Postdoctoratal research fellow, Epidemiology Department, Erasmus MC, the Netherlands.



2018: Best poster, CHARGE meeting

2016: Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel Awards

2013: SER dissertation workshop (Society for Epidemiologic Research)

2013: Graduate Mobility Award

2012-2013: Graduate Excellence Fellowship (McGill University) 2012-2013

Contributions to Science

1. My recent work examines Mendelian randomization (MR) through the lens of formal causal inference. MR is based on instrumental variable analysis which developed in the econometric literature and does not consider time-varying  exposures. Using counterfactuals, I demonstrate that Mendelian randomization estimates are biased when the relationship between the SNP and exposure changes over time. These SNPs are common in the MR literature and therefore some studies

            a. Labrecque and Swanson 2018 (under review)

            b. Labrecque and Swanson Curr Epi Reports 2018 (accepted)

            c. Swanson, Labrecque and Hernan EJE 2018

            d. Burgess and Labrecque 2018 (under review)


2. My PhD thesis focused on the effect of the Brazilian conditional cash transfer program on child health. Through a collaboration with colleagues at the Universidade Federal de Pelotas, I estimated the effect of receiving this program on the children of the 2004 Pelotas birth cohort.

            a. Labrecque et al. Soc Sci Med 2018

            b. Labrecque and Kaufman 2018 (In preparation)


Link to all publications by Dr. JA Labrecque: Click here for full list of publications

Research Support

- Banting and Best Canadian Institutes for Health Research Doctoral Fellowship, 2013 ($105,000)

- Graduate Excellence Fellowship from McGill University, 2012 ($10,100)

- CIHR ICE Grant HD: IDEAS, 2012 ($6,000)

- Graduate Student Award from the Arthritis Society of Canada, 2010 ($20,000)

- Research Studentship, 2010 (Public Health Agency of Canada ($20,000)

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