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Joost van Rosmalen



Joost van Rosmalen

Phone+31 (0)10 70 43397

Biographical Sketch

POSITION: Assistant Professor of Biostatistics


Institution and location:

Econometric Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands





Field of study:

Econometrics & Management Science

Econometric Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands



Econometrics & Management Science

Erasmus Research Institute of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands




Personal Statement

I am assistant professor of Biostatistics at the Department of Biostatistics, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.  My research interests comprise modeling of longitudinal data, in particular for blood donation research, Bayesian methods for clinical trials to account for historical data, decision-analytic modeling and cost-effectiveness research, multi-state Markov models, and evaluation of early detection of disease. In my research, methods for longitudinal data such as multivariate mixed models and growth mixture models are used to predict recovery of hemoglobin levels after blood donation and help decide optimal donation policies. Bayesian methods for including data of historical controls are developed to improve statistical power and precision of clinical trials. I have also worked on methodological and applied research for the health-economic evaluation of cancer screening using multi-state (Markov) models and decision-analytic modeling.


I have been involved in the supervision of 6 PhD candidates, of whom 4 have finished their PhDs (1 cum laude). In addition, a considerable proportion of my time is spent on biostatistical consultations to clinical researchers in Erasmus MC and the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Many of these consultations are in the form of a long-running collaboration with the department of Pediatric Surgery of Erasmus MC. Finally I regularly teach introductory courses on statistics and mathematics to undergraduate students of medicine and students of the NIHES research school.


I have published over 125 international scientific papers (H-index = 18).

Positions and Honors

Positions and employment

2012-present: Assistant professor, department of Biostatistics, Erasmus MC, the Netherlands

2009-2012: Post-doctoral researcher, department of Public Health, Erasmus MC, the Netherlands

2004-2008: PhD candidate, department of Econometrics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands



2009: Awarded PhD-degree cum laude

2004: Awarded MSc-degree cum laude

Contributions to Science

1. Evaluating different methods for including historical data in clinical trials, as well as developing new methods.

            Relevant papers:

  1. Van Rosmalen et al., Stat Meth Med Res 2018
  2. Dejardin et al., Pharmaceutical Statistics 2018


2. Development of advanced statistical models for repeated measurements of hemoglobin in blood donors, and showing that the minimum interval between donations should be increased for some donors.

            Relevant papers:

            a) Nasserinejad et al., Stat Med 2016

            b) Nasserinejad et al., Transfusion 2015


3. Development of new methodology for multi-state methods in general and the health-economic evaluation of cancer screening using such models

            Relevant papers:

  1. Van Rosmalen et al., Med Decis Making 2013
  2. Draisma & Van Rosmalen, Stat Med 2013
  3. Horeweg et al., Lancet Oncol 2014
  4. O’Mahony et al., Pharmacoeconomics 2015
  5. O’Mahony et al., Med Decis Making 2015
  6. Ten Haaf et al., Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2015
  7. Matthijsse et al., PLoS One 2015
  8. Van Rosmalen et al., BJOG 2012


Link to all publications by Dr. Joost van Rosmalen: Click here for full list of publications

Research Support

Current grants and funding:

  • Funding from Sanquin Blood Supply for multivariate modeling of the longitudinal relationship between zinc protoporphyrin and hemoglobin in blood donors (2017, 40k euros)
  • Funding from the Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC for investigating the use of approximate Bayesian computation methods in infectious disease transmission models (2018, approx. 15k euros)
  • Funding for biostatistical consultations for the department of Pediatric Surgery (2013-2018) and Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht the Netherlands (2014-2018)
  • China Scholarship Council grant for extending the power prior methodology for including historical data to the case of repeated measurements (2018-2022, approx. 60k euros)


Completed grants:

  • Grant for modeling HPV transmission in the Netherlands (2011-2015, 200k euros)

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