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Cornelia van Duijn, PhD



Cornelia van Duijn, PhD

Phone+31 (0)10 70 43394 or +31 (0)10 70 38194

Biographical Sketch

POSITION TITLE: Full professor Genetic Epidemiology, Erasmus MC / Full professor Translational Epidemiology, Leiden University




Institution and location Degree Completion Date Field of Study
Agricultural University of Wageningen, The Netherlands MSc 1987 Human Nutrition
Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands PhD 1991 Genetic Epidemiology
Boston University, USA Postdoc 1991 - 1992 Genetic Epidemiology
Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Full professor 2001 - Genetic Epidemiology
Leiden University Full professor 2016 - Faculty Science


Personal Statement

Cornelia van Duijn is a professor of Genetic Epidemiology at the Department of Epidemiology of the Erasmus University Medical Center. Cornelia van Duijn is involved as a principle investigator in three large-scale population- and family-based studies: the Erasmus Rucphen Family (ERF) study, the Rotterdam study and Generation R. Her work focuses on –omics research in neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s disease, Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease and open angle glaucoma. She is a leader in several international genome wide association consortia including CHARGE (Cohorts for Heart & Aging Research in Genome Epidemiology), IGAP (International Genetics of Alzheimer Disease Project (IGAP), ADSP (Alzheimer Disease Sequencing Project) and IGGC (International Genetics of Glaucoma Consortium). Over the years, she served on various scientific committees, including the International Society for Genetic Epidemiology (IGES), the American and European Society for Human Genetics (ASHG, ESHG). She founded the MSc and PhD program in Genetic Epidemiology of the Erasmus University Medical Center of which she is the scientific director. Since 2014, she is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Positions and Honors

Current position
Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, Erasmus University MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Professor of Translational Epidemiology, Faculty Science, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

Academic qualifications

2016    Professor of Translational Epidemiology, Faculty of Science, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

2001   Full professor Genetic Epidemiology, Department of Epidemiology, ErasmusMC, The Netherlands.

1991   PhD Genetic Epidemiology, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

1987   MSc Human Nutrition, Agricultural University of Wageningen, The Netherlands.



2000   Associate professor, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, ErasmusMC.

1998   Assistant professor, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, ErasmusMC.

1993   Senior Researcher, Head of the Genetic Epidemiology Section, ErasmusMC.

1988   PhD Student, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

1987   Research Fellow, Dutch Childhood Leukaemia Study Group, The Hague, The Netherlands.


Foreign visiting appointments

1995    Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Genetics, Medical School, Stanford, USA (Prof Dr N Risch).

1992    Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Neurology, Neurogenetics section, Boston University School of Medicine, USA (Dr LA Farrer).           

1991    Visiting research fellow, MRC Biostatistics Statistics Unit Cambridge (Dr DG Clayton).


Prizes, Awards and Academy Memberships

2017   Council for Medical Sciences (RMW).

2016   CHARGE (Cohorts for Heart & Aging Research in Genome ) Leadership Award.

2013   Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW).

2007   Honarable member of Austrian Alzheimer Association.

1998   Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research: Pioneer award: Genetic epidemiology - Alzheimer disease.


Major networks and consortia for Alzheimer disease and related disorders

  • ADAPTED (Alzheimer Disease Apolipoprotein Pathology for Treatment Elucidation and Development – Innovative Medicines Initiative - IMI).
  • ADSP (Alzheimer's Disease Sequencing Project – US National Institute of Health).
  • CoSTREAM (Common mechanisms and pathways in Stroke and Alzheimer's disease – H2020).
  • IGAP (International Genomics of Alzheimer's Project – not funded).
  • EADB (European Alzheimer Disease Biobank – Joint Programming Neurological Diseases - JPND).
  • (N)EUROCJD (EU consortia of transmissible encephalopathies – not funded).
  • PERADES (Defining genetic polygenic and environmental risk of  Alzheimer disease using multiple powerful cohorts, focussed epigenetics and stem cell metabolomics – JPND).


Major networks and consortia for biobanking and precission medicine

  • BBMRI-NL (BioMolecular Resources Research Infrastructure–Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) – infrastructure grant).
  • CHARGE (Cohorts for Heart & Aging Research in Genome Epidemiology – US National Institute Health).
  • CMSB (Centre for Medical Systems Biology – Netherlands Genome Initiative, NWO).
  • IN CONTROL (Microbiome as drivers of cardiovascular diseases – Netherlands Heart Foundation).
  • PRECeDI (Personalized PREvention of Chronic Diseases – Research & Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) Marie Skłodowska-Curie program).


Major networks and consortia for neurophthalomoligcal disorders

  • CREAM (Consortium for genetic research of myopia – not funded).
  • IGGC (International Genomics of Glaucoma Consortium – not funded).

Contributions to Science

Publications and citations

The h-index is 132: 1085 peer-reviewed papers in international scientific journals, at least 191 of which were (shared) last-author papers. The total number of citations is over 76.101.


Recent Key Publications: Alzheimer and related disorders

  1. Sims R, van der Lee SJ, Naj AC,  … Amouyel  P, van Duijn CM (shared last author), Ramirez A, Wang LS, Lambert JC, Seshadri S,Williams J, Schellenberg GD. Rare coding variants in PLCG2, ABI3, and TREM2 implicate microglial-mediated innate immunity in Alzheimer's disease. Nat Genet 2017 doi: 10.1038.
  2. Sniekers S, Stringer S, Watanabe K, … van Duijn CM, Posthuma D. Genome-wide association meta-analysis of 78,308 individuals identifies new loci and genes influencing human intelligence. Nat Genet 2017;49:1107-1112.
  3. Huang KL, Marcora E, Pimenova AA, … van Duijn C, …. A common haplotype lowers PU.1 expression in myeloid cells and delays onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Nat Neurosci 2017;20:1052-1061.
  4. Adams HH, Hibar DP, Chouraki V, …..Van Duijn CM…  Ikram MA, Thompson PM.Novel genetic loci underlying human intracranial volume identified through genome-wide association. Nat Neurosci 2016;19:1569-1582. 
  5. Jakobsdottir J, van der Lee SJ, Bis JC,  ….Gudnason V, van Duijn CM. Rare Functional Variant in TM2D3 is Associated with Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease. PLoS Genet 2016;12:e1006327.
  6. van der Lee SJ, Holstege H, Wong TH,…van Duijn CM. PLD3 variants in population studies. Nature 2015;520:E2-3.
  7. Hibar DP, Stein JL, Renteria ME, Arias-Vasquez A, … van Duijn CM …Thompson PM, Medland SE.

    Common genetic variants influence human subcortical brain structures. Nature 2015;520:224-9.  

  8. Rietveld CA, …… van Duijn CM, Visscher PM, Benjamin DJ, Cesarini D, Koellinger PD. GWAS of 126,559 individuals identifies genetic variants associated with educational attainment.  Science 2013; 340:1467-71.
  9. Lambert JC, Ibrahim-Verbaas CA, Harold D,...van Duijn CM (shared last author), Van Broeckhoven C, Moskvina V, Seshadri S, Williams J, Schellenberg GD, Amouyel P.. Alzheimer Meta-analysis of 74,046 individuals identifies 11 new susceptibility loci for Alzheimer's disease. Nat Genet 2013;45:1452-8.
  10.  Jonsson T, Stefansson, H, Steinberg S, …van Duijn CM, Thorsteinsdottir, U, Kong A, Stefansson, K. Variant of TREM2 associated with the risk of Alzheimer's disease. N Engl J Med 2013; 368:107-16.
  11.  Hollingworth P, Harold D, Sims R ..van Duijn CM...Williams J. Common variants at ABCA7, MS4A6A/ MS4A4E, EPHA1, CD33 and CD2AP are associated with Alzheimer's disease. Nat Genet 2011;43:429-35
  12.  Seshadri S, Fitzpatrick AL, Ikram MA,...Duijn CM van, Breteler MM (shared last authorship). Genome-wide analysis of genetic loci associated with Alzheimer disease. JAMA 2010;303:1832-40.


    Recent Key Publications: Large and small vessel disease

  1. van Leeuwen EM, Karssen LC, Deelen J … van Duijn CM. Genome of The Netherlands population-specific imputations identify an ABCA6 variant associated with cholesterol levels. Nat Commun 2015;6:6065.
  2. Ehret GB, Munroe PB, Rice KM,…van Duijn CM (shared last authorship), Newton-Cheh C Levy D, Caulfield MJ, Johnson T. Genetic variants in novel pathways influence blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk. Nature 2011;478:103-9.
  3. Wain LV,… van Duijn CM. Genome-wide association study identifies six new loci influencing pulse pressure and mean arterial pressure. Nat Genet 2011; 43:1005-11.
  4. Teslovich TT, Musunuru K, Smith AV,… van Duijn CM, Peltonen L (shared last author). Clinical, and Population Relevance of 95 Loci Mapped for Serum Lipid Concentrations. Nature 2010; 466:707-713.
  5. Aulchenko YS, Ripatti S, Lindqvist I,...van Duijn CM, Peltonen L.(shared last authorship) Loci influencing lipid levels and coronary heart disease risk in 16 European population cohorts. Nat Genet 2009; 41:47-55.
  6. Levy D, Ehret GB, Rice K, …van Duijn CM. Genome-wide association study of blood pressure and hypertension. Nat Genet 2009; 41:677-87.


Recent Key Publications: Ophthalmological disorders

  1. Fritsche LG, Igl W, Bailey JN…. van Duijn CM… Abecasis GR, Heid IM. A large genome-wide association study of age-related macular degeneration highlights contributions of rare and common variants. Nat Genet 2016;4:134-4.3
  2. Hysi PG, …. Van Duijn CM.  Genome-wide analysis of multi-ancestry cohorts identifies new loci influencing   intraocular pressure and susceptibility to glaucoma. Nat Genet 2014;46:1126-30.
  3. Springelkamp H, …. van Duijn CM, Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies novel loci that influence cupping and the glaucomatous process. Nat Commun 2014;22;5:4883.
  4. Verhoeven VJ, …. van Duijn CM. Genome-wide meta-analyses of multiancestry cohorts identify multiple new
    susceptibility loci for refractive error and myopia.Nat Genet 2013;45:314-8.
  5. Solouki AM, Verwoerd V, van Duijn CM…. A genome-wide association study identifies a susceptibility locus for refractive errors and myopia at 15q14. Nat Genet 2010;42:897-901.


    Recent Key Publications: Cross -omics research          

  1. Bonder MJ, Luijk R, Zhernakova DV …, van Duijn CM … Disease variants alter transcription factor levels and methylation of their binding sites. Nat Genet 2017;49:131-138.
  2. Zhernakova DV, Deelen P, Vermaat M, … van Duijn CM … Identification of context-dependent expression quantitative trait loci in whole blood. Nat Genet 2017;49:139-145.
  3. Draisma HH, Pool R, Kobl M,…van Duijn CM (shared last author)., Boomsma DI Genome-wide association study identifies novel genetic variants contributing to variation in blood metabolite levels. Nat Commun 2015;6:7208.
  4. Genome of the Netherlands Consortium.Whole-genome sequence variation, population structure and demographic history of the Dutch population. Nat Genet 2014;46:818-25.
  5. Rapid variance components-based method for whole-genome association analysis. Svishcheva GR, Axenonich TI, Belonogova NM, van Duijn CM, Aulchenko YS. Nat Genet 2012;44:1166-70.


Research Support

Grants (ongoing)

2017      ZonMW - Memorabel: Understanding the role of the gut microbiome in the pathogenesis and prevention of  dementia (2017-2021).

2016      Jerome Lejeune Foundation: H21GC: Large-scale genotyping of individuals with Down syndrome  (2017-2018). 

2016      IMI: Alzheimer Disease Apolipoprotein Pathology for Treatment Elucidation and Development (ADAPTED) (2016-2019).

2015      H2020: Common mechanisms and pathways in Stroke and Alzheimer's disease (CoSTREAM) (2015–2020).

2015      ZonMw - JPND: European Alzheimer Disease Biobank (EADB) (2015-2018).

2015      H2020: Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science Services (Corbel) (2015-2019).

2015      NIH/NEI: Genetics of myopia and Glaucoma (2015-2017).

2015      NWO: BioMolecular Resources Research Infrastructure–Netherlands (BBMRI) 2.0 (2015-2018).

2015      H2020: Personalized PREvention of Chronic Diseases (PRECeDI) (2015-2018).

2015      Janssens Pharmaceutics: IMMEDIAD – a clinical genetics approach to finding metaboloic biomarkers for Alzheimer disease


2014      NIH: Rare variants and NHLBI traits in deeply phenotyped cohorts (2014-2018).

2014      Netherlands Lung foundation: Genes and exposures underlying COPD onset (2014-2017).

2014      NIH: A multi-ethnic study of gene-lifestyle interactions in cardiovascular traits  (2014-2017).

2014      ZonMw - JPND: Defining genetic polygenic and environmental risk of Alzheimer disease using multiple powerful cohorts, focussed

              epigenetics and stem cell metabolomics (PERADES) (2014-2017).

2014      NIH: Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project (ADSP) (2014-2018). 

2013      Netherlands Heart Foundation: The role of microbiota  as drivers of cardiovascular diseases (IN CONTROL) (2013-2017).

2012      RIVM: Monotoring Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease in the Netherlands (2016-2018).

2012      IUAP: Interuniversity Attraction poles-Phase VII: international partnership (2012-2017).


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